Prepare to shell out some more cash when you travel by air with big suitcases.

Canada’s two largest airlines, WestJet and Air Canada have raised their check-in baggage fees for the first checked bag to $30 from $25, and for the second bag to $50 from $30.

According to The Canadian Press, Air Canada will apply these increases for all domestic flights, and routes to and from the United States, the Caribbean and Mexico, starting October 5th.

For WestJet, the hiked rates will go into effect on October 1st for domestic, U.S., and international flights.

Spokespeople for the companies say that the new charges will help them keep their flight fares competitive. The move was made after U.S. airline JetBlue Airways Corp. increased their own check-in baggage fees.

Both airlines will be applying these increases to the lowest fare classes. Baggage fees will remain static for all other types of tickets.

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