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When Victorians are asked to think about the most relevant issues that plague the island in 2018, one topic is on the tip of every tongue: housing.

Lack of affordable housing – heck, lack of housing in general – has forced individuals and families to cut back on spending, which is hurting the city’s economy in the long run.

And many say that the province’s measures to build more rental housing units, add funding for supportive housing, and lower rent increases are just too little, too late.

Now, with the municipal elections just around the corner, you have the power to elect councillors who represent your views and ideas on what steps should be taken to alleviate this crisis.

Have all your questions answered

On Wednesday, October 10th, 17 Victoria Council candidates are stepping up to the podium to participate in a public forum on housing in order to address issues related to rental housing in the city.

These candidates will answer several questions on topics which include purpose-built rental housing, city zoning policies, demographics change, densification, and more, on the spot with no opportunity to prepare beforehand.

The best part? The audience will get the chance to pose their own questions to the participants in the end.

The session will be moderated by Dr. Paul Kershaw, founder of Generation Squeeze.

The panel is being hosted by two non-profit advocacy groups LandlordBC and Generation Squeeze and local developer, Aryze Developments.

List of participating Victoria Council candidates

  • Marianne Alto
  • Darlene Archibald
  • Laurel Collins
  • Marg Gardiner
  • Riga Gordon
  • Ben Isitt
  • Jesse Jimenez
  • Anna King
  • Sean Leitenberg
  • Grace Lore
  • Jeremy Loveday
  • Pam Madoff
  • Sarah Potts
  • Andrew Reeve
  • Jordan Reichert
  • Charlayne Thorton-Joe
  • Geoff Young

Victoria Council Candidates to Discuss Housing

  • When: Wednesday, October 10th, 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
  • Where: The Atrium, 800 Yates St