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19 trippy Netflix movies to watch after consuming some dank legal cannabis


Now that the prohibition of recreational cannabis has come to an end, the idea of smoking some legal weed and tripping out to some awesome Netflix movies has finally become a (legal) reality.

Of course Netflix does have an abundance of movies and TV shows available, and since no one wants to get high and just endlessly surf through rows and rows of films, we’ve put together some classics, old and new, that should appeal to a variety of movie watchers (and bud smokers) – all currently available on the streaming platform.

If you and your friends are new to smoking, a comedy will probably be your best bet, and while Netflix does have some cannabis classics, from Cheech & Chong, to the Trailer Park Boys, we think you’ll want to start with Pineapple Express.

In fact you can add pretty much most of Seth Rogen’s movies to the list; in particular, This is the End, and Superbad are musts. If those happen to be overrated for you, make sure to check out the classic and hilarious Step Brothers or Ferrell’s underrated Mark Wahlberg-partnership in The Other Guys.

If buddy comedies are your thing, and you want to get off the Hollywood path a bit, Mallrats is a 90s stoner slacker gem (and introduces us to the excellent Jay & Silent Bob, who also have their star-studded movie, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back available on there).

Meanwhile, the more recent Swiss Army Man gets a little (or a LOT) stranger, delivering best friend whackiness between a marooned Paul Dano and a deceased Daniel Radcliffe.

The 2004 in-search-of-food comedy, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, should be relatable to anyone smoking who has been riddled with munchies. That said, if food is your thing, be sure to hang out with Jon Favreau in his very cool movie, Chef, which will definitely get your taste buds going.

If getting high and being introspective is a little more your thing, Waking Life is a must, and was one of the first mainstream movies to be entirely done in the awesome, uber trippy style of rotoscoping, (much like the also excellent, trippy, and available, Loving Vincent.)

And if you want to steer into some action or sci-fi, you can always revisit The Matrix to see how those crazy action scenes (and conspiracy theories) hold up.

The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. #TheMatrix4k

Posted by The Matrix Resurrections on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Or you can dive into Black Mirror for some Twilight Zone-vibes mixed with the future. Perhaps the trippiest movie from the Marvel universe available is Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange which definitely deserves some attention for having some of the coolest visuals in a big budget movie in some time.

Finally, perhaps the trippiest (and possibly best!) movie would be the Netflix-produced Natalie Portman sci-fi thriller Annihilation, which comes from director Alex Garland, who also gave us the Black Mirror-esque Ex Machina (which is, coincidentally, currently available as well).

Not only does the movie feature otherworldly effects, but it scores big with an awesome story, a great cast, and alien scenes that will truly have you saying the stoner mantra of “whoa.”

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