Bear sighting
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Warning: This story contains graphic images below.

A black bear was found with its head and paws removed from its body on a Vancouver Island trail near Qualicum last Thursday, October 25th.

The remains were discovered by a passerby and BC Conservation Officers were notified.

While the skull and paws of the animal had been removed, the skull hide was left intact and the bear had not been gutted.

Bear hunting season is open until December 10th. However people who do kill a bear are required to take all edible parts of the animal with them so that the remains don’t attract other wildlife – especially to an area that is frequented by people.

The poacher in this instance can face heavy fines for leaving the black bear’s body behind. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is a unique case and unlike anything BC Conservation Officer Stuart Bates has ever seen before.

Bates told Victoria Buzz that authorities have DNA samples from the bear and are now investigating the incident in an attempt to find a match.

“We have also determined that the bear was not shot there, it was killed somewhere else and brought there and dumped there,” he added

Anyone who may have information on the incident is asked to contact the Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) hotline at 1-877-952-7277.

: Graphic images below.


(Lucas Hepting/Facebook)
(Lucas Hepting/Facebook)
(Lucas Hepting/Facebook)

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