Talk about karma!

A cyclist in Saanich was able to use two cameras mounted to his bike (on the front and back) to capture footage of a truck aggressively speeding up behind him nearly forcing him to ride into a parked vehicle.

But at that exact moment, a Saanich police cruiser that was parked on the side of the road, facing the opposite direction, spotted the incident and quickly did a U-turn to catch up to the offending driver.

As the vehicles turn left after a traffic light, the Saanich PD officer can be seeing catching up to the green truck and administers a traffic violation to the driver, before walking back to make sure the cyclist was okay.

The video uploaded to YouTube on September 29th shows the entire incident as it occurred.

Watch the full encounter below:

The sticker on the back window of the truck is of a local contracting company. The owner of the company told Victoria Buzz the truck is owned by an employee and the decal was placed on the vehicle by the driver to support the business.

It has since been removed and the owner of the company issued an apology to the cyclist on behalf of the individual who was responsible – however he has assured Victoria Buzz that the incident has no ties to his company.