(Image / Saratoga accident GoFundMe page)

A GoFundMe fundraiser has been started after an accident at Saratoga Speedway pinned a man under a flipped car on Saturday night.

Jonathan Sedman was working off the track when a car lost control during a race and flipped over a barrier, colliding with him.

The car pinned Sedman to the ground but was removed fairly quickly by Saratoga safety crews. He was then flown to Vancouver General Hospital Emergency Trauma Centre, where he is recovering from a brain bleed, multiple broken ribs, a shattered pelvis, a broken left hip, and a ruptured bladder in the Intensive Care Unit.

“Jon will be requiring extensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy before he can bear any weight on his body,” says the GoFundMe campaign description.

“Right now he is not breathing on his own and is not able to communicate.”

(Warning: The video contains graphic content and may not be suitable for all viewers)

Expecting father

Accident aside, Sedman was an expecting father with a baby due at the end of the month.

When news of the accident reached his wife, Christa, went into labour and their son was delivered prematurely.

“And so came this page. A family with so much to live for needs your help,” says the GoFundMe fundraiser.

“This page is to provide a space for friends, family, co-workers and concerned observers to lend their support while Jon, Christa and their newborn baby begin the process of healing and recovering from this devastating accident and the domino of events that have and will come after.”

Donations from the fundraiser will go towards Sedman’s recovery costs, including medical equipment he will need.

In the first 23 hours, the campaign has raised $9,640 of the $25,000 goal. Donations can be made here.