The polls are closed and the results are in— Esquimalt, here’s who you’ve elected to lead the municipality for the next four years:

The municipality has re-elected Mayor Barb Desjardins for her second term, beating out opposing candidate John Roe with a 70.5% majority.

Desjardins has stated that she is passionate about continuing work towards reconciliation with First Nations groups through Council-to-Council forums during her second term as mayor.

She is not in favour of municipal amalgamation, and hopes to develop Esquimalt’s Official Community Plan — in particular to address community concerns about growth — in more detail.

Along with Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps, Desjardins has drawn criticism over the past two years for allegedly going out of their way to help former Victoria police chief Frank Elsner maintain his position before he resigned in 2017.

Six councillors have also been elected to represent the community of over 17,500 people:

  • Ken Armour (2,176 votes)
  • Meagan Brame (incumbent) (2,556 votes)
  • Jacob Helliwell (2,575 votes)
  • Lynda Hundleby (incumbent) (2,518 votes)
  • Tim Morrison (incumbent) (2,705 votes)
  • Jane Vermeulen (2,422 votes)

Brame, Morrison, and Hundleby will be returning returning to the council for another term.

4,143 people came out to the polls across Esquimalt from a population of 13,880 eligible voters.

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