(Leonard Krog/Photo by Vancouver Sun)

NDP MLA Leonard Krog won mayoralty in Nanaimo with 20,040 votes. In comparison, his most significant opponent Don Hubbard garnered votes 6,802.

However these are the unofficial results, as official declaration has been delayed due to a counting mistake at one of the polling stations.

65-year-old Leonard Krog has been an MLA for 18 years, and his campaign centred around his capabilities as an experienced politician, who hopes to bring stability to city hall, which he says has become a national laughing stock.

Krog is due to step down from his position as NDP MLA after winning Nanaimo mayoralty. The resulting by-election could destabilize the minority NDP government if they lose the riding.

The incumbent mayor, Bill McKay, decided not to run for re-election after several scandals called his abilities into question.


The following 8 candidates have won a seat on the Nanaimo council:

  • Sheryl Dawn Armstrong (15,817 votes)
  • Don Bonner (9,674 votes)
  • Tyler Brown (14,935 votes)
  • Ben Geselbracht (15,136 votes)
  • Erin Hemmens (15,937 votes)
  • Zeni Maartman (8,558 votes)
  • Ian Thorpe (8,993 votes)
  • Jim Turley (11,649 votes)

According to the 2016 census, Nanaimo has a population of over 92,000 people.