(Town of Sidney voting venue, October 2018)

Just under a half of the near-12,000 Sidney residents have spoken – it’s time for a change and Cliff McNeil-Smith is the one they want to do the job as the town’s brand new Mayor.

McNeil-Smith beat out incumbent mayor Steve Price by a shocking 79.7% votes.

This wasn’t the first time McNeil-Smith has faced off against former Mayor Steve Price. He had previously lost in the previous Mayoral race by a close margin. That said, clearly minds have changed this time around.

Whether it be his vocal emphasis on the hot-topic issues of affordable housing for families and seniors (who account for close to half of Sidney’s population) or his aim to be more collaborative throughout government, in part with Town Hall meetings, McNeil-Smith has clearly struck an important chord with the town.

This was also a great time to be running for Sidney Council, as three of the incumbents did not run for re-election, allowing some fresh ideas and personalities to be brought to the table.

Here are the six new councillors have been voted into office:


A total of 4,692 votes were cast in Sidney out of an estimated 9,183 eligible voters in the municipality.

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