(Photo by Jeff Miller @rockybeach67/Twitter)

It could be a cold winter for people who heat their homes with natural gas in BC.

In an update on Monday afternoon, Fortis BC stated that natural gas will be limited to 50% -80% of their usual supplies due to the Enbridge pipeline rupture in Prince George earlier this month.

The company, which services over a million customers in the province, announced that the ruptured 36-inch natural gas transmission line would be repaired and back in service by mid-November.

However both of the Enbridge pipelines will only be running at 80% capacity and won’t return to maximum operating pressure throughout this winter.

Customers are being asked to be mindful of their natural gas consumption this coming season, and try to conserve energy as much as possible.

“We’ve worked with TransCanada to maximize output of the Southern Crossing pipeline that feeds into the Interior from Alberta and are actively working with industrial customers to optimize their energy use – keeping them running while minimizing system impacts,” reads a press release from FortisBC.

“We are also working on securing additional natural gas in the open marketplace to best support the province’s gas supply.”

The company’s CEO, Doug Stout, released a short video providing the update as well:

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