(One of the temporary housing sites in Victoria @ 1240 Yates Street/Google Maps)

The BC government is set to open additional temporary and extreme weather shelter spaces throughout the province in time for the winter season.

Over 1,400 temporary shelter spaces and 750+ extreme weather response spaces will be made available in partnership with municipalities and non-profits in 65 communities across British Columbia.

“Temporary and extreme weather shelters are crucial to ensuring the health and safety of people living on the street and getting them out of the cold and wet weather,” said Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

“These shelters not only have the potential to save lives – they also assist people in accessing the support and services they need to achieve housing stability.”

Temporary shelter spaces will also provide meals and remain open overnight every night. Many will stay open 24/7.

During extreme weather alerts, additional shelters in affected communities will open up to provide people with much needed protection from the elements. These extreme weather shelter spaces will be available from November 1st until March 31st, 2019.

More temporary and extreme weather shelters may be added throughout the season wherever necessary.

Shelters in Victoria


  • 1240 Yates St. – 45 spaces
  • 1450 Elford St. – 30 spaces (youth 15 to 25 years only)
  • 2915 Douglas St. – 50 spaces
  • 932 Balmoral Rd. – 55 spaces
  • 231 Regina Ave. – 25 spaces
  • 755 Pandora Ave. – 40 spaces

Extreme weather:

  • 919 Pandora Ave. – 15 spaces
  • 919 Pandora Ave. – 30 spaces
  • 525 Johnson St. – 30 spaces