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This cannabis activist will be giving away free joints on October 17th


Not sure how to celebrate legalization day? This guy has you covered!

Vancouver-based cannabis activist and dispensary owner Dana Larsen is coming to Victoria on October 17th to give away free joints and live plants in celebration of the next phase of cannabis legalization.

You read that right – free cannabis for everyone!

This gesture of good will is also a part of something bigger: the “fight for fair cannabis laws and an end to the vicious war on drug users”.

On October 17 I will be in Victoria giving out free joints and live plants in front of the BC Legislature.I hope you…

Posted by Dana Larsen on Sunday, October 7, 2018

Legalization Day Protest

Victoria Buzz spoke to Larsen who has been a big part of the 420 event crew and pro-cannabis activism in BC for over a decade, and he is not entirely satisfied with the province’s new laws.

The free cannabis is a part of his Legalization Day Protest at the BC Legislature, where he’s also asking people to bring their own potted pot plants to show solidarity.

“One of the reasons why I’m asking people to bring their plants is because the BC govt wants people to be ashamed of their cannabis – although you’re allowed to grow your own cannabis plants, if anyone can see them, even from the window of your house, you can go to jail for 3 months and get a $5,000 fine.”

When asked if he is concerned about facing trouble with the law, Larsen stated that this is a civil disobedience protest, much like the ones he has hosted in the past.

“I’d be incredibly surprised if anyone tried to mess with us at all.”

Eliminating the stigma

One of Larsen’s main concerns is that the new laws in BC serve to exacerbate the stigma that surrounds cannabis and the people who produce and consume it.

“The whole attitude of the British Columbia government towards cannabis is really awful and very punitive,” he says.

“While alcohol is accepted as normal part of life, cannabis is treated like plutonium or some kind of evil substance. If you give alcohol to a minor, you get a fine. But if a 19 year old shares a joint with an 18 year old, the maximum fine is 14 years in prison.”

Besides the October 17th protest, Larsen and his group, Sensible BC, are sending a petition to the NDP and Green Party government, asking for major reforms to their approach to legalization.

Over 1,500 people have already signed the petition after two months of it being posted. Click here to throw your voice into the mix.

“We don’t have a drug problem in Canada, we have a prohibition problem in Canada,” says Larsen. But while there are flaws in the new laws, Larsen acknowledges that legalization is still a major step in the right direction and should be celebrated.

Where will you be on October 17th?

Free Joints! Live Plants! Great Music! Be there!

Where: Victoria Legislature Grounds.
When: Wed. Oct 17. 3-6pm.

Brishti Basu
Former Senior Staff Writer and Content Manager at Victoria Buzz.

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