File Photo (Jay Wallace Images)

A man and a woman face multiple charges after drugs and stolen property were discovered in two units in a multi-residential building in downtown Victoria.

The duo lived in separate but adjacent units in a building located in the 800-block of Johnson Street, and become the focus of an investigation after information was received that the pair were involved in dealing drugs and targeting marginalized people in the community.

According to a release, the operation involved officers from VicPD’s community services division (CSD), strike force, the crime reduction unit, and the Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team (GVERT).

A warrant was executed on October 18th by members of the GVERT. The pair were taken into custody without incident and their suites were searched.

Police said officers recovered nearly 30 grams of drugs, weapons and stolen property including personal identification, iPads, laptops and other electronic equipment, and tools.

The weapons found included brass knuckles, firearm ammunition and an electrified “cattle prod” baton.

The two suspects were charged and released with promises to appear in court at a later date.