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Three people have been taken into custody after an officer with the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) suffered significant injuries from an assault during a routine traffic stop in downtown Vancouver.

Of the three suspects, two men are from West Vancouver while the third man hails from Victoria.

According to a press release from Vancouver Police, two officers stopped a Dodge Durango that drove through a restricted area of Granville Street just before 10 p.m. on October 9th.

The three men in the vehicle, all in their early 20s, were confrontational and verbally abusive.

The officers became concerned for their safety when the occupants refused to follow police direction and began reaching under the seat.

When one of the officers opened the passenger door, the man in the front seat pulled him into the vehicle and two men began to punch him repeatedly in the head and face.

As the second officer rushed to help, all three men exited the vehicle and continued to assault both officers, who had by then called for emergency back-up.

Fight and flight

One suspect fled the scene, running through a red light at Robson St and Seymour St, and was struck by a vehicle. He continued to run until he was stopped by an officer and arrested on Richards Street between Robson and Smithe.

“This is an example of the risk all police officers face as they work to protect the citizens they serve,” said Sergeant Jason Robillard from the VPD. “This sort of incident affects the entire policing community. We wish our officer a speedy recovery and will ensure the officer and his family have the support they need.”

All three men have been arrested. The man who ran from the scene was uninjured but he was assessed at a hospital and released.

Police say that criminal charges, including assault causing bodily harm, assault against a police officer, theft and obstruction, are pending. Other charges related to alcohol and drugs seized from the vehicle may also be laid.

The injured police officer is now recovering at home from his injuries.

The entire incident was captured on video:

Warning: Video contains language and violence that might not be suitable for all viewers

Watch the Vancouver Police press conference about the incident below: