Humans aren’t the only ones who have been enjoying these few weeks of sunshine in Victoria.

On Wednesday, a Victoria man spotted a group of otters playing on the shore near Spinnakers Brew Pub, and recorded the furry sea-mammals having a blast in the sunshine.

“River otters are known for their ‘playful’ behaviour, and have been observed repeatedly sliding on their bellies down snow or mud banks,” says the Capital Regional District’s educational page.

For those unfamiliar, there are two types of otters, river otters and sea otters.
River otters are common in the Victoria area while sea otters are usually just found at northwestern tip of Vancouver Island.

River otters are commonly found in the more natural areas such as the Esquimalt Harbour and Esquimalt Lagoon. They can also be found along the shorelines between Colwood and Sooke.

According to this video posted to social media by Sean Charles, it certainly looks like they’re having fun.