Pictured: Mila on the left and Stripe on the right (Images / ROAM)

On Tuesday night, two 8-week-old pomeranian puppies, Mila and Stripe, were stolen from a woman in Langford.

The dognapping occurred around 8:30 p.m. on November 27th in the 2700 block of Claude Road.

A couple contacted the dog’s’ owner and expressed interest in adopting the puppies and wanted to meet to sign some papers.

As the viewing was reaching an end, and the papers were being signed, another man arrived claiming to be a prospective adopter and snatched the puppies. It is believed the couple were there to distract the woman while the puppies were being taken.

The owner, who has a physical disability, was unable to pursue the dognapper, but nearby friends gave chase. He, unfortunately, escaped.

After the incident, the owner filed a police report and turned to social media for help.

ROAM, a Facebook page dedicated to helping owners locate lost dogs, published a post last night with details on the missing puppies.

“We are, today, following up on a couple of leads that we have passed along to the owner,” ROAM organizers told Victoria Buzz.

Mila is described as an orange sable female with three white paws, while Stripe is a cream-coloured male.

A $1000 reward has been posted for the return of the puppy duo.

The dogs are described as “very friendly”.

Victoria Buzz has reached out to West Shore RCMP but we have not heard back at time of publication.

Anyone with information on Mila and Stripe are asked to contact ROAM at 778-977-6260 or 778-977-6265, or by email at petsearch@roambc.org.

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