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Now we’re not saying we’re experts on the topic, but when it comes to holiday beverages, the one drink that always comes to mind is eggnog.

And once the kids have gone to bed (or even before – we’re not judging), there’s no better way to enjoy it than with a dash of alcohol mixed in there.

Traditionally, rum is the way to go – we confess to spiking the boss’s eggnog while at work a few times ourselves – but sometimes, it pays to get creative.

At least that’s what we found out while looking for other ways to tamper with the office eggnog reserves, and we wanted to share these discoveries with you!

1. Classic

This was probably your first, and possibly favourite, version of the holiday drink. There’s a reason rum and eggnog go hand in hand – this subtle, yet booze-a-licious combo is enough to get anyone in the Yuletide spirit! Whether you prefer to buy the eggnog or make it fresh from scratch, we recommend a dash of spiced rum and, if you’re feeling particularly flavourful, a sprinkle of chilli powder to liven things up even more.

Recipe: Classic Eggnog Recipe

2. Spiced Bourbon

After rum, bourbon is probably the second most commonly used spirit to adulterate eggnog. This hearty drink features nutmeg, allspice, clove, cinnamon, and a spicy bourbon of choice (we really like our spices, in case you couldn’t tell!)

Recipe: Bourbon Eggnog

3. Amaretto amour 

Shoutout to the lactose intolerant folks out there who still want to take part in this holiday tradition – we hear you! This recipe features the use of lactose-free eggnog (here’s a recipe for how to make it from scratch) and liberal quantities of amaretto liqueur coupled with white rum. Amaretto is a sweet Italian liqueur that compliments eggnog perfectly, in case you’re looking for a non-spicy version of the drink.

Recipe: Holiday Spiked Eggnog

4. Applejack eggnog

Here’s another one you may not have thought of. Applejack and eggnog sounds like an unlikely combination but yields a highly underrated batch of festive cheer. If you can get your hands on a bottle of the contraband (lol), we highly recommend trying this recipe!

Recipe: Eggnog for a Crowd: The Original Laird Family Recipe

5. Eggnog and Bailey’s

Now this one is our personal favourite – you can add as much Bailey’s as you want, and it’ll still taste amazing! This Irish whiskey and cream-based liqueur packs a pretty punch, while retaining that sweet, eggnog flavour whether you add two parts of Bailey’s or four.

Recipe: Santa’s Magic Potion

Stick a piece of cinnamon into any of these drinks, grab a few close friends and family, and drink up!

What’s your favourite eggnog recipe? Comment below to let us know.


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