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West Shore RCMP and CRD Animal Control are conducting an investigation into a pit bull attack at a Colwood home that occurred early Saturday morning.

Police and ambulances were called to a duplex┬áin the 3000-block of Pitford Rd around 12:30 a.m. where they found 13 adults and children barricading themselves inside the house after being attacked by what police say is a “140 lbs pit bull dog.”

The owners were able to secure the dog inside a bedroom but suffered serious injuries in the process, before CRD Animal Control was able to remove it from the residence.

Four injured people were taken to hospital for treatment. None of the children present were harmed during the attack, and the Ministry of Children and Families was contacted to review their safety.

“CRD Animal Control Officers have seized the pit bull who had been recently adopted by the family as a rescue animal,” says Cpl. Chris Dovell of West Shore RCMP.

“The attack started during some rough housing between two intoxicated adult male guests at the party where it appears the dog was bumped into and became aggressive.”

One man was arrested after he took off his shirt and attempted to fight the attending officers.

CRD Animal Control will be conducting a review of the attack and the dog’s history of aggression.


Note: Victoria Buzz is working on clarifying the breed and weight of the dog. In a release, RCMP stated the dog was a pit bull and weighed 140 lbs. Calls to them have been unsuccessful. Another media outlet spoke to the owners of the dog and was still being referred to as a pit bull but weighing 120 lbs, which is obviously still well above the average weight of that breed.