Ministry of Agriculture

It doesn’t get much fresher than this.

B.C. is home to a plethora of fresh, local produce , and the provincial government is working to connect our local food systems.

Using products grown in the province benefits chefs, food suppliers, consumers, and the environment by keeping things local, says the Ministry of Agriculture in a press release.

On Tuesday, the ministry held an event called “Every Chef Needs a Farmer, Every Farmer Needs a Chef 2018” which brought together almost 300 farmers, chefs, and other food service professionals from throughout the province to connect and build relationships.

For example, ranchers and other food producers helped educate members of the restaurant industry on the types of regional agriculture available in the province, and worked to establish direct sales routes from the farm to the restaurant.

“The connection between chefs and farmers is incredibly important for the continued success of B.C.’s agriculture sector,” said Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture in the press release.

“When chefs and farmers are able to connect like this, they’re better able to plan both their menus and their crops for the coming season.”

Food tastes great when it’s fresh, and even better when you know it’s grown in your own backyard.

“We all want to eat things that express the landscape of where we come from,” said Paul Hadfield, owner of Victoria’s Spinnakers Brewpub in the same release.

“We’ve been able to do this for 34 years thanks to the relationships we’ve built with the farmers and producers who supply us with the B.C. grown products that we present on the plate.”

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