A 7.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked Anchorage earlier today will not affect Vancouver Island or British Columbia, according to the U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center.

The major seismic event has shaken up residents in Anchorage, AK, prompting people to run out of their offices and seek shelter under desks.

Major infrastructure damage has been reported. Many homes and buildings are damaged. Roads and bridges have been closed.

This following video was taken on the international exit ramp from Minnesota Highway heading into Anchorage:

No injuries or deaths have been reported.

Several Vancouver Islanders have reached out to Victoria Buzz, concerned about the effects of the earthquake on the Cascadia subduction zone.

However, authorities in Emergency Info BC, Sidney, Tofino and others have been quoting the National Tsunami Warning Center, letting Islanders know that there is no tsunami threat as of the time of publication.

A tsunami warning is in effect for the coastal areas of Cook Inlet and southern Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.

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