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Saanich Police (File photo/Victoria Buzz)

The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC) released its annual report on Tuesday, and it includes the record of a Saanich police officer resigning amidst allegations of 11 counts of misconduct.

The former police officer faced counts of corrupt practice, discreditable duty, and neglect of duty, among others.

“The Discipline Authority found the officer’s conduct in relation to these allegations to be inexcusable and put the public at risk, the public confidence in the Saanich police at risk, the reputation of the Saanich police at risk and, in their totality, were grounds for dismissal,” reads the report.

According to the OPCC, the former officer engaged in inappropriate relations with a sex worker and tried to extort money from her.

Moreover, the allegations also claim that he inadequately investigated the same woman’s cases of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and robbery.

On top of these allegations, he was further accused of making false or misleading statements to Crown Counsel and investigating officers throughout the incident.

According to the OPCC, in cases where the imposed discipline is dismissal or reduction in rank, the police officer can request a public hearing or review on the record. The resigned Saanich officer made no request for such hearings.

The full list of misconducts include:

  • Misconduct 1: Corrupt Practice (using police authority for personal gain)
  • Misconduct 2: Neglect of Duty (inadequate investigation)
  • Misconduct 3: Discreditable Conduct (conduct that discredits the department)
  • Misconduct 4: Neglect of Duty (failure to comply with departmental policy/regulations)
  • Misconduct 5: Neglect of Duty (inadequate investigation)
  • Misconduct 6: Deceit (false or misleading entry in an official document or record)
  • Misconduct 7: Unauthorized Use of Police Facilities/Resources (unauthorized search of CPIC/PRIME [police databases])
  • Misconduct 8: Deceit (false or misleading oral or written statement)
  • Misconduct 9: Discreditable Conduct (conduct that discredits the department)
  • Misconduct 10: Deceit (false or misleading oral or written statement)
  • Misconduct 11: Deceit (false or misleading oral or written statement)

For all misconducts, the recommended disciplinary actions included two counts of a five-day suspension, three counts of reduction in rank for a minimum period of 1 year, and six counts of dismissal.

“While individually some of the allegations may have warranted a lower level of discipline, the Discipline Authority was compelled to look at the conduct as a continuum of behaviour that occurred over a period of time and that was interconnected,” said the OPCC.

“As such, the Discipline Authority determined that the disposition must represent this context.”

The full investigation report can be found starting on page 71 of the OPCC’s annual report.

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