Grabbing a Starbucks PSL before class is about to get a whole lot easier for students at the University of Victoria.

In a press release, UVic confirmed plans to open and operate a licensed Starbucks in the location beside the bookstore that is now occupied by Finnerty Express, which will be closed as a result of the decision.

The university stated that the transition is based on a survey in which students, staff, and faculty indicated that Starbucks was the most sought-after brand on campus.

“The new licensed store has the brand power to support and contribute to a more vibrant campus environment through extended hours on nights and weekends,” says Jim Forbes, director of campus services.

While Salt Spring Coffee, the brand served at Finnerty Express, will no longer be available on campus, the current staff employed by Finnerty’s will be retained at the new Starbucks location.

According to an article by UVic’s independent newspaper, the Martlet, not everyone is happy with this change.

Staff at Finnerty Express appear to be disgruntled at the prospect of being Starbucks employees, and have received negative feedback about the transition from regular customers as well.

UVic’s press release includes a shoutout to Salt Spring Coffee, thanking the company “for all its support over the years”.

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