(Qualicum Spice contaminated cheese/BCCDC)

The BC Centre for Disease Control has advised consumers to discard or return any Little Qualicum Cheeseworks’ Qualicum Spice cheese they currently have.

The voluntary recall was issued after 5 people in BC were affected by an E. Coli outbreak between August and October, and Little Qualicum’s Spice cheese products were found to be contaminated with E. Coli.

No other products from the brand are being recalled at this time, and the BCCDC is still investigating to determine the source and extent of the contamination.

While some people may show no symptoms after being contaminated, others may become severely ill and need to be hospitalized.

According to the BCCDC, the following symptoms can appear within one to ten days after infection:

  • severe stomach cramps
  • diarrhea or bloody diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • headache
  • little or no fever

The public health authority advises consumers who suspect they have become ill after consuming this cheese to do the following:

  • Practice good hand washing with warm water and soap to prevent the spread of illness
  • Drink lots of clear fluids to stay hydrated
  • Anyone who has bloody diarrhea or is concerned about their symptoms should see a health care provider or call HealthLinkBC at 811
  • Antibiotics and anti-diarrhea medications should not be used to treat this infection unless prescribed by your health care provider