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6 places to find the best locally made hot chocolate in Victoria


The cold winds are rising and the city is collectively donning its winter gear (basically, warmer raincoats).

In this weather, there’s nothing better than grabbing a creamy cup of hot chocolate to warm you up – except perhaps a locally made cup of hot chocolate, which you can easily find in these shops around Victoria

Chocolats Favoris

While this popular chocolate shop is widely known for its over-the top and kooky ice-cream creations, they also make wacky and stunning hot chocolate treats that are made with real chocolate!

Here, you can choose from several options such as Cookies & Cream or S’mores — with an actual toasted marshmallow as a garnish! If you feel like treating yourself to more than a just regular cup of hot chocolate, this is the perfect spot for you.

  • Where: 1010 Government St

Beaver Tails

This national shop is originally from Ontario and is well-known for their quintessential Canadian dessert, the Beaver Tail.

But pastries aren’t the only delicious treat to find there. They also serve tasty homemade hot chocolate!

Come down and try out a proud Canadian-made hot chocolate with your snack.

  • Where: 602 Broughton St

Murchie’s Tea & Coffee

This cozy cafe in the heart of downtown offers delicious hot chocolate and can be paired with one of their famous sandwiches, soups, or pastries.

Plus, its central downtown location makes it the perfect place to visit after you’ve finished all of your Christmas shopping and holiday sightseeing.

  • Where: 1110 Government St
    1644 Hillside Ave

La Roux Patisserie

This sleek and chic cafe located near Chinatown offers tasty French pastries (like macarons and tarts) and decadent hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate is made with locally sourced ingredients, so if you’re looking for a creamy homemade cup to pair with an appetizing French pastry or cake, look no further.

  • Where: 519 Fisgard St

Chocolat Chocolatier De Victoria

While this little spot is famous for its delectable chocolates, did you know that the chocolatiers also make hot cocoa?

When master chocolate makers turn their attention to making delicious warm drinks, it’s easy to guess how the results will taste.

If you’re looking for a quick sweet treat, head down and grab a cup, perhaps with whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top!

  • Where: 703 Fort St

Dolce Vita Coffee Art

Dolce Vita Coffee Art is famous for their various cafe drinks, like their comforting espresso drinks, and ever-popular hot chocolate.

If you’re in the mood for some people-watching, head inside and watch the hustle and bustle of Downtown Victoria from their large windows, with a cozy cup of cocoa in your hands.

  • Where: 1213 Douglas St
    911 Yates St

Did we miss any places? Let us know in the comments below!

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