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Feelin’ festive, Victoria? So is the rest of the country!

According to a new ‘Global Festive Ranking’ by Taxi2Airport, Canada is the most Christmassy country in the world.

“Every country has slightly different traditions, and every continent differs even more so. Some cities will celebrate Christmas in grand style, other with local traditions and customs, and everything in between,” reads their report.

So in order to come up with a ranking of the most festive places around the globe, the organization took the following elements into account:

  • Popularity as a Christmas travel destination
  • Likelihood of snow
  • Online search interest for Christmas terms
  • Density of Christian population
  • Amount of Christmas music streamed

“The number one location was Canada, likely due to the very high chance of snow, and the country also scored highly for Christmas travel recognition.”

After Canada, it looks like Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Finland have the most holiday cheer, based on this index.

Here’s who else made the list:

(Global Festive Ranking)

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