(Screencap from 'Baby It's Cold Outside' performed in 1949 musical rom-com film 'Neptune's Daughter'/YouTube)

Exactly one week after they made the decision to remove the Christmas classic ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ from two music streams, CBC is bringing the song back.

According to a statement from CBC public affairs head Chuck Thompson, the 1944 holiday song is being reinstated due to audience feedback about its initial removal.

“As you know, last week we decided to press pause to consider the different points of view on playing ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’,” says Thompson. “Because we value our audience input which was overwhelmingly to include the song, we have put it back on the two playlists where it had been removed.”

“Appreciating not everyone interprets lyrics the same way, listeners may wish to skip the song as we understand not everyone will agree with this decision.”

Rogers and Bell Media were the other two companies that also pulled ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ from their stations.

The controversial Christmas song met with positive reviews when it was first released in 1944. It then skyrocketed to fame after winning the Academy Award for Best Original Song in the 1949 film ‘Neptune’s Daughter’.

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