One Victoria family had a small Christmas miracle when their lost dog – who was missing for nearly two weeks – was found just days before the holiday thanks to community efforts.

5-year-old Roscoe, a blond Great Dane cross, went missing on December 12 after he slipped out of the house in the 4000 block of Carey Road near Kenneth Road.

After he ran away from the residence, Deborah, Roscoe’s owner’s mom who was pet-sitting at the time, reached out to ROAM (Reuniting Owners with Missing Animals), through which she discovered that Roscoe may have been hit by a vehicle while running across the street.

It is believed he was hit a second vehicle near the intersection of Marigold and Interurban Rd

As the days past, the family grew concerned and were beginning to think they may never see the 120 lb dog alive again. However, the family were in for a happy ending.

On Saturday, 10 days later, about 60 people were volunteering with Roam canvassing the neighbourhood when a woman who returned home spotted Roscoe in a ravine that drops down about 30 feet behind her property.

She contacted ROAM and the search organizers picked up Rosco’s owners and took them to the address.

Rosco’s owner made her way down to the ravine calling out his name.  Once he heard her voice, he stood up and walked straight to her.

He was taken to the vet where spent the night for observation.

According to Deborah, Rosco is doing well considering the circumstance.

He’s got some cuts, scratches and weight loss but otherwise doing great. There were no broken bones or internal damage from

The family said they are very thankful for all the help they received.