Get ready to dish out some more cash for your daily dishes.

A study conducted by Dalhousie and Guelph Universities has found that on average, Canadian families could be spending around $411 more on groceries in 2019 than they did this year.

The spike in prices isn’t expected to apply evenly across all food groups, however.

According to the findings, meat and seafood prices are expected to either stay the same or decrease by up to 3%.

Mainly, fruits and vegetables are expected to cost more, with a price hike of up to 3% and 6% respectively.

(Canada’s Food Price Report 2019)

The study also states that the average family will spend about $143 more in 2019 for out-of-home food purchases.

“With fruits and vegetables being a major part of a healthy diet, this raises concerns about the ability of Canadians to maintain the twofold effort of putting food on their plates and it being something healthy,” said Guelph Project Lead Simon Somogyi, professor in the College of Business and Economics.

But on the bright side, steak and seafood will be less expensive!