Boy was 2018 a handful.

Statistically speaking, you were probably one of PornHub’s 33.5 billion visits this year.

According to the popular porn site, that’s an increase of 5 billion views compared 2017, and a total of more than 100 million views a day.

As the website puts it, “to put that into perspective, that’s as if the combined populations of Canada, Poland and Australia all visited Pornhub every day!”

If you’re curious about how Canada’s viewership stacks up compared to other countries, wonder no more. Our nation has the dubious honour of having the 5th highest number of PornHub viewers on the planet — the same position we held last year.

Come on Canada, that’s not even a bronze!

According to the website, viewers in Canada range from 18 – 65+, but the most frequent visitors are aged 25 – 34.

PornHub’s Year in Review reveals a ton of less safe-for-work insights, but one we can reveal is that viewership dropped significantly on Canada Day.

With a 17% drop, it seems like Canadians directed their attention towards the country’s birthday rather than the internet’s birthday suits.

All jokes aside, while PornHub has released its mind-boggling stats, legislation around the sex industry in Canada has recently come under fire.

According to a Globe and Mail article released earlier this year, Canadian “end demand” laws that were intended to make sex workers safer has actually had the opposite effect.

“Researchers from both Canada and France found that prosecuting men who buy sex instead of sex workers – known as the the Nordic model, or ‘end demand’ approach – actually made life worse for sex workers by pushing the trade further into the shadows, making it more difficult to negotiate prices and condom use, and making it less likely that workers would access health services,” reads the article.

One of the main recommendations for making the industry safer for sex workers is decriminalization — an argument and approach that is promoted by various activism groups like this one.

This is where it isn’t safe for work

… and you might want to stop scrolling, or not!

In Canada, ‘MILF’ replaced ‘lesbian’ as Canada’s most searched term in 2018, with ‘Chinese’, ‘JOI’ (jerk of instructions) and ‘big ass’ also making significant gains into the top 10. Searches for ‘anime’ grew by 91%, as well as a 74% increase for ‘ASMR’ (autonomous sensory meridian response) and 60% for ‘BBC’ (big black cock).

Riley Reid became Canada’s most searched for pornstar up from 3rd in 2017, a position now populated by their Northern neighbor’s presidential pornstar Stormy Daniels. When compared to the rest of the world, Canadians are 60% more likely to view the ‘Asian’ category, 41% more into ‘Threesome’ and 10% more into ‘Popular With Women’.

Other countries year in review can be viewed here.


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