Langford Lake sunrise (@nat_venture/Instagram)

In a news release issued today, the provincial government announced that almost 500 affordable rental homes were on their way to Langford and Sooke.

The 494 homes will be split between four projects and the units will be diverse to accommodate a range of people, like low/middle income families, and people who are experiencing homelessness

“For too long, people in Langford and Sooke, and throughout the province, have been struggling to find affordable housing,” said Premier John Horgan in the news release.

“I look forward to seeing construction start on these much-need homes to help us build strong, healthy communities.”


250 units are promised for Langford, with one 130 unit project planned for Spencer Road and one 120 unit project slated for Hockley Avenue.

The Spencer Road project will include 26 shelter-rate units, 40 affordable units, and 64 near-market units.

The second project at Hockley Avenue will house 24 units at shelter rate, 36 affordable units, and 60 units at near-market.

The units are expected to be ready for tenants in late 2020.


Meanwhile, two projects are slated for Sooke and will include a total of 244 units.

The larger development will be located at Drennan Street and Sooke Road, and will house 169 units — 34 at shelter rate, 52 affordable ones, and 83 near-market units.

The second project will be at Throup Road and include 75 units. 15 of them will be priced at shelter rate, 24 will be affordable units, and 36 will be near-market.

The units are scheduled to be completed by 2021.

Funding for the new affordable homes comes from the Regional Housing First Program and Capital Region Housing Corporation.

“There’s an urgent need for more housing people can afford in our region,” said Colin Plant, CRD Board Chair in the same release.

“The Regional Housing First Program enables us to create the right mix of affordable housing opportunities. This mix of housing will deliver homes that low and middle-income people can afford, while also making sure people in greatest need have access to safe, secure housing with the right support services in place to help them succeed.”