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This popular local summer sport now has its own league in Victoria


With every other chilly, grey, wet day that passes by, it only gets harder and harder not to miss summer.

Gone are the days of being carefree, and warm; instead it’s now all about holiday stress and potentially rain soaked clothes. On top of that, we’re still about 3 weeks away from the winter season even officially beginning.

Well now you can start to get excited again, as one of summer’s most popular games, Spikeball has gotten its very first league in Victoria, and is looking to score big with players across the board.

In case you missed it, Spikeball is the game seemingly played at every park across the city this past summer.

It’s the game with a round net on the ground and four players (2v2) pouncing around it, carrying on a rally and eventually spiking the ball into the net.


The organization, appropriately titled Victoria Spikeball, already has their social media game on point with pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so those interested can keep up with the latest updates.

Equally important to note is that players can also sign up now to play in the league either as an individual or a team.

The league promises to have Intermediate, Co-Ed, and recreational games available, as well as games every Monday night as of March.

With all of this exciting activity, it’s looking more and more like Victoria Spikeball will deliver on its promise that “2019 will be the start of a new era with a premier Spikeball league in Victoria, B.C.”

So who’s up for a game or two?

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