Breeding season for deer is in full swing on Vancouver Island, and this can make deer territorial and even aggressive as two Oak Bay kids found out.

According to Oak Bay police, two boys were chased by a deer last Monday, November 26th.

Police say the boys were on their scooters in the 1700 block of Lulie St. when a “large deer with antlers” began to chase them.

They pair was shaken but were not physically injured.

Oak Bay PD have alerted the BC Conservation Officer Service of the incident.

In late November, an Oak Bay cyclist was knocked off of her bicycle by a charging deer, and earlier that month, a woman captured video of two bucks knocking antlers over territory in the Cedar Hill area.

In September, another woman from Oak Bay was attacked by a mother deer, in her own backyard.

Safety Tips

If you see deer in the wild or in your neighbourhood, the BC Conservation Foundation has tips on how to remain safe.

Though they can be cute, avoid approaching deer, especially young ones as they may attack. Mothers may also become aggressive if they see people near their fawns.

To spot aggression, a main signal is when deer lower their ears and their heads.

“If you are attacked by a deer try to stay upright, cover your head with your arms and move to shelter,” says the foundation.

If you are concerned for your safety or about a deer, you can contact the B.C. Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

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