Pictured: Mila on the left and Stripe on the right (Images / ROAM)

Last Tuesday, a Langford dog owner reported that two of her newborn Pomeranian puppies had been stolen, and turned to social media and police for help.

Thankfully, nearly ten days later, the missing pet Facebook group ROAM announced that the pair of pups, Mila and Stripe, have been returned safe and sound.

According to the organization, Mila was returned by a man who initially bought the puppy for his daughters. After realizing the dog he had purchased was one of the stolen pups, he contacted ROAM and the organization scanned a chip inside the dog to confirm she was Mila.

Serendipitously, her brother, Stripe, was returned the same day after an anonymous man dropped off the dog at the owner’s home.

It’s unclear what legal actions, if any, will be taken right now. However, what is certain is that both the owner and pets are happy to be reunited.


On November 27th, Tracy Vandekerkhove was looking to have her 8-week old puppies adopted.

Around 8:30 p.m. that night, a couple arrived and expressed interest in adopting the pair. As papers were being signed, another man arrived claiming to be a prospective adopter and snatched the puppies. It is believed the couple were there to distract the owner while the puppies were being taken.

The owner, who has a physical disability, was unable to pursue the dognapper, and while nearby friends gave chase, he unfortunately escaped.

Rewards were posted for the dogs’ return, and the owner’s plea on the missing pet Facebook group ROAM was shared over 1,700 times.

The urgency to find the 8-week-old pups increased as they were too young to be separated from their mother for long.