Over the weekend, Victoria police say they responded to 411 emergency calls, many of which were notable in their own ways.

Two of the highest profile cases were also the most tragic, with the death of one intoxicated man who fell off the Johnson Street Bridge, and the sexual assault of an Esquimalt woman by an armed stranger in her own home.

But officers had their hands full with other cases too, according to a VicPD community update.

On the lighter side, on Saturday afternoon officers were on a routine patrol when they saw a cyclist who was moving unsteadily on his bike. The cyclists then made a sudden left turn and fell over directly in front of the police car.

Officers noticed that the man was in medical distress, and two bystanders immediately began to perform life saving measures, including CPR, until emergency health services arrived. The cyclists was then transported to hospital, where he remains.

Meanwhile, on early Sunday morning, officers were called to a local nightclub after staff security spotted a patron with a handgun in his waistband.

When police arrived, they approached the man who then “immediately began to struggle.” During the arrest, “the man was reaching into his waistband for the handgun,” says VicPD.

Once the man was safely taken into custody, officers determined that the handgun was not a real firearm.

After the incident, two officers were treated for non-life threatening injuries. Meanwhile, the suspect was transported to Victoria police HQ, where he has since been released on a promise to appear with conditions.

(Image of the fake firearm / VicPD)

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