Winter Solstice sunset at Macaulay Point Park (Heather K Jones Photography)

While we’re already days into December, Victoria is in for a whole lot of sunshine.

This week’s forecast from Environment Canada is calling for chilly but clear skies until Friday, meaning you can bust out the sunglasses (though maybe not the shorts and sandals).

Temperatures during the day of this work week hover around highs of 4° to 6° Celsius, while the nights will range from 0° (like tonight) to -2° and -3°.

(Environment Canada)

The weekend, however, will mark a return to precipitation in the city with slightly warmer temperatures.

Environment Canada is estimating a 60% chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday, with a slim possibility of flurries on Saturday night with temperatures dipping to a forecasted 3°.

While there may not be snow tumbling down this week, motorists should still be on a lookout for black ice on their morning and evening commutes.

Temperatures will hit 0° or below every night until Friday, so try to keep warm Victoria!