(Sandcut Falls/Kludahk Trail - Facebook)

We knew it’d be wet this week, but we didn’t know it’d be this wild!

Yesterday’s heavy rainfall took many Victorians by surprise, and brought the volume of Sandcut Falls to crazy levels.

Vancouver Island’s Kludahk Trail Facebook page posted a video of the gushing waterfall near Jordan River, and were surprised by just how much the volume had grown.

“We posted a video the other day of Sandcut Falls near Jordan River,” said the trail organization.

“We thought the falls were big then and they were but when we went back today after the heavy rains all night the falls fell into a new category level known as ‘insane’.”

See for yourself:

Sandcut Falls isn’t the only place feeling the rainfall.

On Tuesday afternoon, the CRD issued wastewater discharge warning for much of the core area.

The administrative district says that the combination of stormwater and wastewater caused overflows along some of the city’s shorelines.

The affected areas are:

  • Between Rutland Road (Oak Bay) and Seaview Road (Saanich) including Cadboro Bay.
  • Between Trafalgar Park and Radcliffe Lane including McNeill Bay in Oak Bay.
  • Between Fraser Street and Victoria View Road in Esquimalt.

Public Health Advisory Signs are being placed along the affected areas, and the CRD will be taking samples to test if enterococci levels are below the 70CFU/100mL recreational limit.

The municipal service is advising residents to avoid entering the waters along the affected shorelines, as the wastewater could pose a health risk.

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