(Photo by styledemocracy)

Canadian dollar store retail chain, Dollarama, has recently announced that its online platform now delivers most products available at physical locations to all of Canada.

According to a release, the online store will only be shipping its most popular merchandise in bulk.

Individual customers and businesses alike can now have a selection of around 1,000 products from 12 categories (cleaning, clothing, electronics, food, hardware, health and beauty, home, kitchen, office, party, pets, and toys) delivered to their doorstep.

The online prices are the same as in store, though customers cannot select how many of each product they can buy and can only purchase in bulk.

The Montreal-based low-cost retail chain first successfully launched its online platform in Quebec in December.

Dollarama currently has over 1,110 brick-and-mortar stores across Canada, including 3 physical locations in Victoria.

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