(Screenshot / Ross Viner Facebook)

A video of a woman who was having extreme difficulty parking in a downtown lot is turning a few heads after it was uploaded to social media on Wednesday.

According to the video uploader, Ross Viner, the female driver scooped up a spot that he was already clearly waiting for, and tried to claim it by any means necessary.

While waiting for another spot to become available, Viner recorded the woman’s parking attempt.

No amount of bushes could stop this eager shopper!

Check it out:

Posted by Ross Viner on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

But the story doesn’t end there. Viner said that after the parking kerfuffle, he went inside to shop at London Drugs, and on his way out he asked guest services if they wanted to hear about what happened and see the video.

“Guest services said ‘yes’ and called a manager to come up front and the lady sees me speaking to guest services and beelines to the manager and starts telling him lies about what happened,” said Viner.

The woman was allegedly saying things like “I was there first! He was hollering and screaming and I was scared!”

Viner says that after the woman had finished speaking with the manager, the London Drugs employee then spoke with him and agreed that her story was unlikely,

“If she really was that scared she could’ve drove off,” says Viner.

Viner said that while he’s aware this downtown parking lot can get “really competitive”, he’s never had an issue there before this incident on Wednesday.