(Image / Newfoundland RCMP)

One of Nanaimo RCMP’s most adorable mounties, Nanaimo Bear, has just completed his cross-country journey, according to the Nanaimo and Newfoundland RCMP.

Nanaimo Bear was created by the Nanaimo RCMP as a “social experience” that had the furry officer, equipped with an RCMP uniform and patches, travelling across the country to Newfoundland to dip his paws in the Atlantic.

Since then, he’s made plenty of friends as he travelled to the east coast by hitchhiking with strangers and other officers.

(Image / Nanaimo RCMP)

He first began his journey in the summer of 2018, when he caught a ride with some RCMP officers to BC’s mainland. Since then, the most recent sighting of him was in September 2018, when hotel staff at Coast Hotel in Williams Lake, BC, reported seeing the miniature mountie at their establishment. They didn’t, however, know where he went afterwards.

After months of uncertainty, officers from the Newfoundland RCMP detachment told their island counterparts that Nanaimo Bear made it safely to their province!

He completed his journey on Monday, and since then, he has become the Newfoundland RCMP’s adopted mascot.

“We are so pleased that Bear has arrived, in one piece, and will be able to take in the many sights of this beautiful province and all it has to offer,” said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP in a release.

We’re glad things worked out for Bear on his cross-country journey, unlike 2014’s HitchBOT, a Canadian robot who, after successfully crossing Canada, was brutally deconstructed after spending just two weeks in the US.

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