(Image / Raptor Rescue Society)

Members of Vancouver Island’s Raptor Rescue Society have had their hands full following a series of bald eagle poisonings in the Cowichan Valley, the source of which officials believe is man made.

In total, 6 bald eagles were found dead over the past weekend while 6 more were rushed to veterinary care to fight for their lives.

“So far 12 bald eagles have been found poisoned in the Cowichan Valley,” reads a Facebook post that was uploaded to the VCA Canada Island Animal Hospital page on Saturday.

“The birds needed to be emptied of their crop contents, provided with warmth, [and] given activated charcoal and intravenous fluids.”

But things are looking up for the surviving half dozen birds of prey.

“…They are doing well with treatment and we believe [they] will be released in the next few weeks,” said Robyn Radcliffe, Executive Director of the Raptor Rescue Society in an email.

In an update from VCA on Tuesday morning, the animal hospital confirmed that the eagles were doing well and said the cause of the poisoning had been discovered.

“The source of their poisoning has also been found. Due to the ongoing investigation no more information on the source is available at this time.”

While the current theory is that humans are responsible for the birds’ poisoning, Radcliffe expects it was an accident.

“We believe that an animal was likely euthanized and disposed of incorrectly,” she told Victoria Buzz. “I am certain it was not intentional, many people may just not know that euthanized animals are deadly to other animals.”

Warning – Graphic Images Below

Several of the photos below are very graphic and may not be suitable for all readers.


(Image / Raptor Rescue Society)
(Image / Raptor Rescue Society)
(Image / Raptor Rescue Society)


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