(Dale Eureby / Lotto 6/49)

Just two weeks into the new year, a Nanaimo man has become a millionaire after his Lotto 6/49 ticket matched all 10 digits of January 5th’s Guaranteed Prize Draw.

Vancouver Island resident Dale Euerby purchased his winning ticket at Northridge General Store, and didn’t realize it was winner until he decided to get it scanned while picking up his next ticket.

“I scanned it and it said ‘winner,’ so I gave it to the lady behind the counter to scan it. I thought it must be some mistake,” Euerby told Lotto 6/49.

“I was dumbstruck. It’s incredulous. That’s what I felt when the numbers came up.”

One of Euerby’s first plans is to find a classic Corvette that’s similar to one he used to own.

“I used to own a beautiful Corvette from 1967,” said Euerby. “I think now is the time to start looking for another one.”

Besides whipping around in a new car, the Nanaimo man thinks many rounds of golf are in his future.

He also said that his days of playing the lottery are far from over.

“I’ve been playing the lottery every weekend for 10 years. I will keep playing because it’s my routine, and who knows, maybe a jackpot is in my future.”


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