Image: Westjet arriving at Victoria International Airport (kentstevenson / Instagram)

Rolling clouds of fog hovering over the Strait of Georgia have caused delays in flights travelling between Vancouver Island, Vancouver, and Seattle.

Early this morning, Environment Canada issued a fog advisory for parts of BC, including East Vancouver Island.

The weather alert warned of “near zero visibility in fog” and advises drivers on the road to “slow down, watch for tail lights ahead, and be prepared to stop.”

Flight agencies seem to share Environment Canada’s concerns over limited vision, as a number of flights departing from Victoria’s YYJ airport have been cancelled or delayed.

Flights heading to Vancouver and Seattle seem to be the most affected with Delta and Air Canada delaying departures, and West Jet and Pacific Coastal Airlines cancelling flights altogether.

Downtown Victoria’s Harbour Air is also reporting issues related to fog. The seaplane company said they are still running today, but flights until 10:30 a.m. from Victoria have been cancelled.

However, the 11:30 a.m. flight departing from the inner harbour is still scheduled to fly, depending on the weather.