Horses frolicking in the snow at Blenkinsop Valley ( Ernie Dickey‎ / Facebook)

It finally happened, Victoria!

Our beautiful city is enshrouded in a soft blanket of snow which, by the way, is showing no signs of slowing down.

Many Victorians have been out and about, enjoying the rare frosty weather and uploading pictures of it on social media.

But for those of you who were made for much warmer climates and are currently bundled up at home with the heat set to 25ºC, here are 26 photos of today’s snowfall so you don’t miss out:

(Photo by Pam Thompson)


(Photo by Lea Cusi)

(Langford Galloping Goose/Photo by Katie Krug)

(Brentwood Bay/Photo by Claudia Perelli Hentschel)
(North Saanich/Photo by Jessica Tejada)


(Photo by Colin Smith Takes Pics)

(Photo by Michael Baart)
(UVic/Photo by Michael Baart)

Photo by @nat_venture/Instagram

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Looking for a snow and ice removal service during this snowfall? Contact Tidy Grounds Snow & Ice at 250-516-3731 or visit them on Facebook – they’ve got the equipment to get the job done!

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