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Now that board games are making a comeback and even your cool friends have started playing Dungeons and Dragons, you might be wondering how to get in on the latest Millennial craze.

Whether you’re a dedicated RPG campaigner or a casual party game lover, Victoria’s got something for everyone. Here’s a master list to help you pick a spot for all your tabletop gaming needs:

Interactivity Board Game Cafe

Interactivity Board Game Cafe is a cosy and super well-stocked games location—they’ve got over 800 to choose from! Play your old childhood favourites or learn something new with the help of their game-savvy staff.

They also serve food and drinks to fuel your multi-hour D&D sessions (there are over 40 milkshake flavours to choose from). And they’ve recently expanded to include a 19+ area with a bar that serves, among other things, boozy milkshakes. Cover is $5.

  • When: Sunday — Thursday, 11 a.m. — 12 a.m.
    Friday & Saturday, 11 a.m. — 1 a.m.
  • Where: 723 Yates St

Everything Games

Everything Games is family-owned and operated. They provide open tables as well as daily events, from free-for-all board game nights to Warhammer and Magic: The Gathering tournaments. Join one of their gaming groups on Facebook to stay in the loop:

  • When: Tuesday — Friday, 2 p.m. — 9 p.m.
    Saturday, 10 a.m. — 6 p.m.
    Sunday, 11 a.m. — 5 p.m.
    (closed Mondays)
  • Where: 103-721 Station Avenue

Gauntlet Games

Gauntlet Games hosts daily tabletop events that cater to different ages and skill levels. Interested in RPGs specifically? Join their Facebook group to stay updated!

Skyhaven Games

Skyhaven Games hosts more occasional events, but they’re still a great place to pick up your gaming supplies. They don’t tend to post events on their main Facebook page, so be sure to join one of these groups if you’re interested.

  • When: Tuesday — Friday, 11 a.m. — 10 p.m.
    Saturday & Sunday, 9 a.m. — 10 p.m.
    (closed Mondays)
  • Where: 3458 Tillicum Rd


None of these locations quite work for you? Can’t find a night when all your friends are available? Then try Meetup.com! There are hundreds of people all around Victoria looking to play—just join a group and make some new tabletop buddies.

Did we miss any? Comment below to let us know!