(Image ©Parilov/Adobe Stock)

BC SPCA is asking pet owners to stop using shock collars as a training tool for dogs.

The animal welfare organization has launched a campaign advising dog moms and dads about the harmful effects of shock collars – a remote-controlled device that delivers electrical shocks of varying intensity to a dog’s skin.

According to the website, shock collars may help meet short-term obedience goals but can also cause behavioural problems like aggression, phobia, and high stress levels in dogs.

“Unfortunately, your pet may also associate the pain and discomfort of the shock with other things in the environment at the time, namely you, causing a breakdown in the bond you share,” reads the advisory.

Instead of this fear-based mechanism, the SPCA encourages positive reinforcements like treats and praises, which are just as effective in training dogs.

Electric shock collars have already been banned in countries like England, Wales, and Scotland.

Pet owners in BC are encouraged to sign this pledge, promising not to use shock collars.


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