(Image / Beacon Hill Children's Farm Facebook)

Victoria, you have a big task at hand!

8 adorable baby goats need your help with their names after two mother goats at Beacon Hill Children’s farm gave birth to the billys on Wednesday morning.

One mother, Mia, gave birth to five kids, four girls and one boy, and the other mother, Bananas, gave birth to three girls.

“It’s always fun picking the baby goats names,” said Lynda Koenders, Beacon Hill Children’s Farm operator of 34 years.

People looking to suggest names for the new goats should try to keep the siblings grouped up by a theme, suggested the children’s farm.

“Bananas was a triplet, so when she was born her mom was Mango and her siblings were Peach, Papaya, and Berries,” said Koenders.

Previous themes that have been used are the Beatles, Disney Princesses, candy brands, Tic-Tac-Toe for triplets.

“Goldilocks is Snow White’s sister and she’s pregnant right now, [she’s] in labour today. We’ll probably be naming those after some of the bears, kodiak, grizzly, that sort of stuff.”

So far, people have suggested groups of spices, herbs, coffee brands, and even a series of Gulf Islands as names.

While the children’s farm is happy to accept all suggestions, they said they are going to pick the ones that fit best with the goats.

“We’re not going to do just a random draw, we are wanting to pick the right names for these Mums and their babies,” said Koenders.


Besides bragging rights, people that suggest the billys’ chosen names will win T-shirts for themselves and their family, as well as an exclusive early morning tour of the farm that will give them a look behind the scenes.

If you also proposed a name that you loved and it’s used in the future, you’ll still receive a T-shirt!

Name suggestions can be added to the farm’s Facebook post, or on their website here.

With the new goats being born, and more on the way, Koenders says that the buzz to open the farm for the season is building.

“…Everyone can’t wait until we’re open,” she said. “We’re planning on opening on the 8th of March. It depends on the weather and a few chores that need to get done.”

Weather depending, you could be petting the new goats in a matter of weeks.

“The push is on!”