(City of Victoria/Twitter)

We hope you don’t have too full a bin.

The City of Victoria’s garbage collection service has been cancelled for the day due to adverse weather making conditions unsafe for municipal staff.

According to a tweet, residents of Victoria will just have to wait until the next scheduled trash collection day to have their bins emptied.

It’s not just trash collection that’s out of commission this Tuesday.

A Public Service Announcement from the Capital Regional District confirmed that curbside blue box recycling is also cancelled today due to “deteriorating weather and road conditions”.

Recycling collection services were also impacted on Friday, February 8th and Monday, February 10th.

If you simply have too much to recycle and not enough blue bins to hold it all in, click here for a list of free recycling drop off locations in the CRD.

One of the spots on that list, however, will be closed today.

Hartland Landfill is closed to the general public on February 12th due to winter weather conditions, and will only be available to commercial account customers with landfill access only via automated scale.