(Photo by Rachel Byrne/Twitter)

We know Victoria doesn’t get snow very often and not many drivers know how to handle their vehicles in winter weather.

However, when encountering a snow-capped car, it’s important to remember to clear snow from all the windows before taking off to your next destination.

Aside from the obvious lack of visibility that comes with having your car windows covered, neglecting to remove snow could earn you a $109 fine for Driving While View Obstructed under the Motor Vehicle Act.

While no such tickets were issued in Victoria, one Nanaimo driver had to pay up for his oversight on Valentine’s Day.

Despite news of the fine making its rounds on social media, it looks like not everyone has learned their lesson.

A video posted on Twitter by user Candace Verners shows a vehicle making its way down the TCH encased in packed snow.

“Our officers have noted several drivers who have failed to clear the snow from their cars and have spoken to those drivers about the hazards of such behaviour,” Saanich Police media spokesperson Julie Fast told Victoria Buzz.

“And of course they weren’t allowed to proceed until they had taken the minute to properly clean their cars.”

Have you cleared your windows yet?

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