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An off-duty, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu-trained West Shore officer is being credited with chasing down and arresting a wanted man in Langford on Thursday afternoon.

On February 7th, around 2:00 p.m., an off-duty officer was inside the West Shore Town Centre when he spotted a man who was wanted in both the West Shore and Saanich.

The 39-year-old man of no fixed address had two outstanding warrants for property crime related offences, and had been actively evading police.

The officer first tried to call a fellow on-duty to have them make the arrest, however, the suspect grew suspicious and started making his way out of the mall. The off-duty officer was concerned that other members of the detachment wouldn’t arrive in time, and decided to make the arrest himself.

He approached the man and identified himself as a police officer, to which the man immediately turned and started to flee.

After performing a quick “risk assessment” and concluding that it was in the public’s interest and safety to have the suspect arrested immediately, the officer followed in pursuit.

After a brief foot chase, a short struggle ensued, but the officer was able to apprehend and subdue the man. Police say that no one was injured during the incident.

“While it is uncommon for an off duty officer to proceed with an arrest, it is a reminder that police officers are alert and always working even when off shift,” said Cst. Nancy Saggar of the West Shore RCMP in a release.

“In his risk assessment, the off duty officer judged that public safety was paramount and used his background skills to subdue the suspect effectively.”