Photo by Caroline Usher Sousa

Two people were sent to hospital on Monday night following a serious head-on collision on Prospect Lake Road in Saanich.

Both vehicles only contained one occupant each.

“An ambulance took both of them to the hospital because it was a significant crash,” said Sgt. Julie Fast, Saanich Police.

Since then, one driver has been released from care, but the other remains in hospital in “serious but stable condition.”

As the investigation is still in its early stages, no cause for the collision has yet been determined.

“The road was closed for about 6 hours as crash analysts assessed the scene,” said Fast. Police are reviewing the weather, road conditions, vehicle conditions, and driver states.

Saanich Police is also reminding drivers that while the snow has stopped, it’s always important to drive cautiously.

“It could’ve been a very bad crash,” said Fast. “Thankfully no one lost their life, [but] it’s a good reminder for people… to drive for the conditions and the road.” Saanich Police notes that this is doubly true for “narrow windy roads” and streets with blind corners such as Prospect Lake Road.


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